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The dandelion is not a native of North America, but a transplant from Europe.  It was considered so important that the European settlers carefully brought it with them. 
Dandelions come from the taraxacum family. 

While most people refer to the dandelion as a noxious weed, infesting lawns, there are many benefits to the dandelion. When it first comes up in the spring, the leaves look similar to those of chicory and wild lettuce, though they are not related.  There are many different species of dandelion, with slightly different components in each species.

The leaves are edible; the young leaves can be eaten as a salad green, and when cooked, they resemble spinach in texture.  The flower can be used to make dandelion wine.

The properties used in herbal remedies come from the root. It may be used for mild cases of water retention. Like milk thistle, dandelion can have an effect on the gall bladder and bile flow. It may also stimulate the appetite.

Herbs for Human Health has more information about the dandelion, including recipes and preparation instructions. There are many other alternative herbal remedies discussed in this valuable e-book, with descriptions of preparation methods and recipes. When you order, you will receive a free copy of The Top Ten Uses for Rosemary.

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