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Articles on Herbs


Back Pain Remedies

Back pain is a frequent problem, particularly as we grow older.  In fact, it is one of the most frequent reasons for missing work days.  There are many causes, strained muscles, arthritis and problems with the vertebrae are a few common ones.  Heart and kidney disease may also cause some problems with back pain.

Chronic back pain should be checked out by your doctor to find out what the problem is.  Also, if the back pain is accompanied by pain in the left arm, neck, chest or jaw, get immediate help, as it could be a heart related problem.

Many home remedies for back pain are available.  Commercial products containing menthol, camphor and capsaicin can be useful, but must be watched carefully.  These can cause physical burns on sensitive skin.

Once you know the reason for back pain, several herbs may help relieve it.  Tea tree oil, whether in a lotion or cream is one option for pain related to muscle pain and problems with vertebrae. 

Products containing comfrey may also be useful, but it should never be ingested.  There is some debate as to whether or not it’s safe as a topical application.  If you can find a lotion with allantoin in it, that would be a better choice.  Allantoin is the useful constituent of the plant.

Kidney problems may also cause back pain.  Kidney infections and kidney stones should be checked out by the doctor, but a few home remedies may also be useful once you are diagnosed.  Corn silk and oats are both considered good for kidney problems.

Another source for back pain is pregnancy.  Pregnancy back pain requires a lot of close consultation with your obstetrician, because many herbs can affect the pregnancy and the baby.  This pain may be due to the progression of the pregnancy, or it may be due to an infection or other serious problem.  While even topical preparations can have some affect on the baby, a lotion or cream is usually the better way to deal with it.

By working with your doctor, both with the medical aspects and the home remedies, you may be able to have relief from back pain.  Your doctor can tell you what the problem is, and together you can choose the right program.

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